About Us


Identity Rings is Singapore’s first custom class rings company. We are the first company to offer these rings online and our driving force still today simply to provide the absolute best quality rings Singapore

Before we came along, these rings could only be ordered in large groups through schools, companies, or sports teams. The design and ordering processes were slow and cumbersome and had to be done one-on-one with a salesperson. As a result, costs were high and only made sense for large group orders, we have since streamlined the process and lowered the costs significantly in the market for our customers!

We use the latest computer technologies to develop our designs. We then use either computer controlled milling to cut molds or 3D printing to create our waxes. Just as important, we do not finish our rings in large factories with assembly lines, we use real goldsmiths to hand finish each ring to high-end jewelry standards.

Our customers are individuals, sports teams and companies/organizations/associations. Ring can be ordered individually or in groups. These rings can be used for:

  • Companies/organizations/associations to make rings (and other products) with their logo. These products can mark specific achievements such as performance or service awards.
  • School class and graduation rings for any school for any year.
  • Sport rings for specific championships or as any team or individual ring.
  • Personal jewelry such as family rings, initial and name rings, etc.