Craftsmanship sets us apart.

For over 100 years, we have been the leader in class ring, college ring and championship ring design. Our expert craftsmen design rings that embody school pride and signal achievement, using only the highest quality materials available.


  • Design elements on both sides
  • Center stone with meaningful verbiage surrounding it
  • Your inspiration, our creation

The perfect college ring is a few clicks away – or your money back! Design your own college ring with side emblems, engravings and the birthstone of your choice. Commemorate your college achievement with a ring from Gold Lance. Proudly wear your university, college, business, trade or technical school ring.


  • The ultimate expression of “WINNING”
  • Usually a massive ring in size
  • Often emblazoned with jewels and design elements that are highly personalized to the organization and individuals

For an individual or a team, the championship is the ultimate goal. There is no better way to recognize the effort to achieve that goal than with finely crafted championship ring.


  • No center stone. custom designed all metal top
  • Design elements can be placed on the sides of desired
  • A jewelry concept as old as time itself, dating back to the ancient Egyptians

In most cases today it’s a matter of personal style when a man wears a signet ring. As discussed, some fraternities such as the freemasons and other organizations offer rings to their members. Some clubs, corporations and families continue to give seal rings as gifts upon a certain length of service, a graduation or a commendation. Many military men wear signet rings that reflect their rank as a status symbol whereas others wear symbolic rings to showcase the branch they served with.


  • Unique design element crafted as a separate piece and applied to the top of the stone
  • Can be created for use on a signet ring

It’s your story. Tell it! Your crest ring is a reflection of your success—even more, it’s a symbol of your pride and memories. Design the ring you’ll wear proudly for years to come!